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The client gets sodomized by his worker


A pretty young brunette woman uses a painter worker to work at it. She explains to the site and then take a quick shower and change. But the young woman did not take care to close the door or else it was voluntary. The worker is only a man and came to position themselves in the crack in the door and discover the sumptuous body of the young woman. He will call and try to make things happen. It will work as it will give him a voracious blowjob deep throat before leaving to take the same site. She ends up succumbing to his greed and extreme situation, since her husband is not there and therefore commits adultery. And he opened the doors of its so pretty small fleshy buttocks and will be deeply and brutally sodomized before emptying the balls of his labor with his little soft hole.

Date: March 30, 2020

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